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Garry Mulgrew

Keeping Your Pipes Clean Better Than Anyone.

Few Words About Us


We are a small company that focuses on providing plumbing services, advice, tips on the DIY plumbing system and solutions to your everyday plumbing problems. Whenever there is a clog stuck in your pipe or a problem with water pressure in your home, call us, and we’ll make sure that your plumbing system is functioning better than ever before. We aren’t the biggest plumbing company, but the quality of our services on the field as well as of our tips from help center will make us your favorite plumbing company. 

Our Services

Clogged pipes

Clogged pipes can create pressure and do damage to your plumbing system without you even knowing it. This is why our maintenance service should be performed every once in a while.

Fixing pipe

Fixing pipes and any damage that you have on them is extremely important as leaving malfunctioning system in your home can be dangerous for you and your home.

Toilet Seat Installment

Installment of the toilet seat or toilet tank, sink or anything else in the toilet can take a considerable amount of your time. This is why leaving this to a professional is the best choice of action you can do.


Our technicians will install any element that you want in your kitchen, toilet or wherever in your home.
The system check is our newest service that offers more than just a maintenance; it’s a complete overview of your plumbing system’s functionality.

4371 Collins Avenue, Columbus, OH 43213

Latest News

Best plumbing advice

Summer season Waiting for spring and summer is exciting but it is also time to think about potential problems with your plumbing and take some action about it. There are few things and secrets you may do yourself to save energy and money together. Warm weather brings...

Saving money on proper heating system

Some countries and some states passed a law that requires the majority of boiler types to have the condensing update. This is excellent for you as it means more money left in the pocket when the bill comes. These are complex to install, and thus only Gas Safe Registered engineers should do it.

Hacks For Solving Water Installations Problems

Preventing problems with water supply is best done if you call and expert to check your water supply line installation. There are many professionals in the Toronto area, so you will certainly be able to find someone who will be able to help you deal with this problem in the right way.

The best plumber repair services you can find

When you’re wondering where to go to get the best plumber repair services, just give us a call or pay us a visit. We can keep your pipes clean and running in the best way that you can imagine. We provide the best plumbing tips, advice and repair services your money can buy. Any kind of plumbing solution or system is possible with our services and expertise.

Plumbing Tools That Every Home Owner Should Have

Having problems with your plumbing system every once in a while could make you thing about buying the right tools and fixing the problem yourself once it appears. But is quite costly, or is it? Having basic plumbing tools isn’t something that requires you to fill your...

Removing the old Pipes

First thing’s first, you need to turn off the water supply for that room or better yet for the whole house. So head to your basement and look for the main water valve. Turn it clockwise until you feel that it won’t budge in that direction anymore. Now you need to...

Get Your Plumbing Equipment Without Leaving Your Home

Every time a problem occurs in your house, you either call a technician from yellow pages or contact a plumbing company. But what happens when both options are unavailable? If you can’t call someone to fix your problem, you’ll probably try to fix it yourself. But this...