Removing the old Pipes

Removing the old Pipes

Post2aFirst thing’s first, you need to turn off the water supply for that room or better yet for the whole house. So head to your basement and look for the main water valve. Turn it clockwise until you feel that it won’t budge in that direction anymore. Now you need to remove the old pipes, so get you wrench and start unscrewing those pipes. There will be a mess around you so you can prepare in advance by placing plastic foil on the ground or something that will absorb water.
Cutting and Assembly.

Get your pipe cutter and your plastic pipe heater and start cutting those pipes. It’s smart idea to create a sketch of how you want your plumbing system to work. So before you start cutting, draw a quick sketch of the plumbing system overview. post2bThis includes dimensions for pipes, angles, and positioning. Once you’ve cut all the plastic pipes, get that plastic pipe heater and start melting the end of each connecting pipe. If you’ve used a plastic pipe heater, you won’t have a problem with these part. Now it all looks like it is coming together. Connect the pipes and ensure that you’ve used the plumbing material to secure the connection. Water pressure can exploit even the slightest crack in those pipes, so make sure there are no mistakes. Now all you need is to head back to the basement and open the water valve. Don’t clean up before you check that everything is working as it should.

Get Your Plumbing Equipment Without Leaving Your Home

Get Your Plumbing Equipment Without Leaving Your Home

Every time a problem occurs in your house, you either call a technician from yellow pages or contact a plumbing company. But what happens when both options are unavailable? If you can’t call someone to fix your problem, you’ll probably try to fix it yourself. But this requires you to go to a store, get the tools and probably try to get a few tips from employees in that plumbing equipment store. Now you can do all that without ever leaving your home.

Online Tools


With online plumbing stores, you can not only order tools that you need but also get all sorts of useful information. Don’t know what tool you need for fixing your clogged pipes? No problem, just head to online service and ask away. Their online help service will tell you all about the type, size and the way to use plumbing tools. This leaves you time to plan how to approach your plumbing problem and fix it without spending a dime on plumbing services.

Tips and Tricks.


If you aren’t sure how to start resolving your plumbing problem, they have a solution for you. Simply pick one of the problems presented on the online service website or contact their online technicians. They will be more than happy to listen to your plumbing problem and give you the quickest and easiest solution to your problem. This is great way to save money on plumbing services and maintenance and also get that feeling of accomplishment after you’ve fixed the problem on your own. For example, if you’ve just bought a new toilet tank, but even though you’ve read the instructions hundred times you can’t figure out how to install it. Visiting online plumbing services will show you how to do it step by step.


Technology can offer us so much more than what we see now. Online services such as these are only the beginning. As the internet improves, you might find robotic plumbing devices that fix whatever problem you have with your plumbing system.
Step By Step Guide on Extending your Pipes.
So you want to redecorate your kitchen? Or maybe you want to reinvent your bathroom. The problem occurs once you realize that besides the fact that you don’t have any plumbing experience, you don’t have the required plumbing knowledge to begin. So you turn to the internet as the only source of getting that information at that time of the day. You’ve hit a few dead-ends you found this article. The only thing that you need to do now is assembling your tools and follow this guide, and you’ll have a brand new plumbing system in no time.