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Post2aFirst thing’s first, you need to turn off the water supply for that room or better yet for the whole house. So head to your basement and look for the main water valve. Turn it clockwise until you feel that it won’t budge in that direction anymore. Now you need to remove the old pipes, so get you wrench and start unscrewing those pipes. There will be a mess around you so you can prepare in advance by placing plastic foil on the ground or something that will absorb water.
Cutting and Assembly.

Get your pipe cutter and your plastic pipe heater and start cutting those pipes. It’s smart idea to create a sketch of how you want your plumbing system to work. So before you start cutting, draw a quick sketch of the plumbing system overview. post2bThis includes dimensions for pipes, angles, and positioning. Once you’ve cut all the plastic pipes, get that plastic pipe heater and start melting the end of each connecting pipe. If you’ve used a plastic pipe heater, you won’t have a problem with these part. Now it all looks like it is coming together. Connect the pipes and ensure that you’ve used the plumbing material to secure the connection. Water pressure can exploit even the slightest crack in those pipes, so make sure there are no mistakes. Now all you need is to head back to the basement and open the water valve. Don’t clean up before you check that everything is working as it should.