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Winters can be harsh. If the temperature falls to extreme levels, then you have to spend a lot of electricity or gas to keep your house or a flat warm. You have to spend more gas to keep the temperature up and offset the cold that will try to overcome it. Monthly bills will rise, and you will find that it’s hard to pay to save some money and still be warm during harsh winters.

This is why you have to try and save as much money as it is possible and still stay warm and cozy in your home. One way to do it is to buy elaborate boilers that will reduce the usage of electricity as well as gas. You can find several posts about different boilers and what they are good for, and we will try to mention some elaborate boiler creations that will save you some money as well.

boilersThe other way to save some money is to protect your home from draught and increase the level of insulation. This will prevent the cold from entering your home, and thus you will spend less gas and electricity on keeping the temperature up.

Save money by installing condensing energy-efficient boilers

A condensing boiler is just an upgrade of an existing type. You can have a conventional condensing boiler that will do everything that a traditional form does except saving you money through the capture of the heat that would be lost without the upgrade. Some countries and some states passed a law that requires the majority of boiler types to have the condensing update. This is excellent for you as it means more money left in the pocket when the bill comes. These are complex to install, and thus only Gas Safe Registered engineers should do it.

Another law requires that all boilers pass an energy efficient rating. The rating system exists, and all new boilers are evaluated. Those that don’t uphold the law can’t be installed in homes.

Insulation is a key to saving money

If you live in a house or a flat that is yours and you aren’t renting it, then it’s smart to install some insulation. It’s a complicated thing, and it costs a lot of money to install, but it will save you a lot of money in the long run. If you buy an old property, then there is a chance that it doesn’t have proper insulation and that will cause the loss of over 25 percent of the heat. That is a quarter of the total heat you get from the gas system. And that is also 25 percent more money you have to spend.

All the latest living structures have insulation installed during the process of building, and that saves you a lot of cash. You can check whether your new house or a flat has the insulation by asking the previous owner or asking for the documents of the gas license. The license will contain all data, including the existence or non-existence of the insulation.